ABOUT Jeff caliguire AND CTA

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Passionate About Unlocking Others 

I clearly had NO idea what my degrees in "Government" and masters in "Systematic Theology" would help me to do other than I was somewhat interested in the topics. And I was the son of a business owner from New York City and was encouraged to go into the "family business." (paper)


Instead, I helped found a church in the Boston area and pastored it for decade... loving the people, yet at the same time felt like I was a "fish out of water" in my work and my life!


Burnout, depression and relationship struggles weren't on my top list of "success principles" nor was the failure to address the constant uneasiness in my soul!


In a very miraculous way (a story for another day) I met some teachers and coaches who helped me in some key ways. They helped me see...


1. Who I was ... what EXACTLY  I was created be or do.

2. What I was gifted to do. I was perfectly suited for my life work.

3. How to care for my own soul was my FIRST. Being fully alive is vital to great business and key to leadership, relationships, and health

4. Financial breakthrough is not only possible, but also opens great opportunities. 

Becoming a professional coach for entrepreneurs and those in life and career transition in 2001 saved my life in multiple ways. It connected me to my real design and to my desire to be engaged in meaningful entrepreneurship, business  and life on life relationship.

Since that time I have co-founded and led Convergence Point Coaching and written more than 6+ published books that help people unlock their truest selves.  I have worked with hundreds of incredible clients since then, from CEO's who grew companies that gained national recognition and awards, to people who "retired" to start their "heart-businesses," and to moms now able to work flexibly and make an income and an impact.  I have developed countless tools for my own coaching and used them to help those I coach find the clarity and confidence to do what they were made to do... and even get paid to do it! 

In 2018,  I founded The Coaching Transformation Academy after realizing four things

1. I LOVE coaching and totally want others to experience its power and potential as well.  (I can no longer keep it to myself!) 

2. Coaching really does change lives... and will change the world. Coaches are today's new spiritual leaders. They free God-given purpose, potential and a peace-filled way of life in those they work with. Coaching is the second fasted growing profession on the planet for a reason!

3. Coaches need a better and more personalized way to become successful coaches.  As my wife, Mindy, teaches, "There's a difference between the transfer of information and transformation."  Transformational coaches need more than information to become transformational coaches. 

4. Coaches thrive and grow when they are engaged in transformational coaching themselves and in "in this together community!" 

  • Cornell University 1986, Government 

  • Dallas Theological Seminary,  1990 Systematic Theology

  • Coach U, 2001: Studied under Thomas Leonard and Coached by ICF founding training coach Jim Vuolcolo for three years. 

  • Other significant Training include mentorship working to create Leadership Refineries with Ralph Mattson, Mia Davies MasterMind one year program, Patrick Snow Coaching and Author Coaching 

  • Coaching professionally Since 2001

  • Former senior pastor and president of Operation Beacon Street in the Boston area for 10 years. 

  • Author of 6 Published Books including The Habits of Hope (Aviva, 2016)  and Shifting Into Higher Gear (Jossey Bass 2005 with Tom Sicilliano) 

  • Married to author and President of Soul Care, Mindy Caliguire for 32 years. 

  • Dad to Jeff, Jon and Josh! (3 outstanding sons!)